Siempre Selena

1. Siempre Hace Frio
2. Only Love
3. Soy Amiga
4. Como Quisiera
5. A Million To One
6. Costumbres
7. Cien Anos
8. Tu Robaste Mi Corazon - w/ Pete Astudillo
9. Ya No
10. No Quiero Saber


1. Siempre Hace Frio

This heart, that still loves you
Is already dying, afternoon after afternoon
Dying like the light of day
I can’t go on anymore, I really need you
Come back to me, soul of my soul*
My life* (mi vida)

Wherever are you,
Wherever are you?
Kill me heaven, swallow me earth
I want to die
If he doesn’t come back

Soon you’ll be able to have
The whole world
In your hands
All the blessings
And another love
Better than mine
But you’ll soon see
That everything ends
And upon seeing you alone
The way I feel today
It’s always cold

Este corazón, que aun te quiere
Ya está muriendo, tarde con tarde
Como se muere la luz del día
Ya no puedo más, tú me haces falta
Vuelve conmigo, alma de mi alma
Vidita mía

Adónde estás,
Adónde estás?
Mátame cielo, trágame tierra
Quiero morirme si no vuelve más

Ya podrás tener el mundo entero
Y entre tus manos toda la dicha
Y otro cariño mejor que el mío
Pero ya verás, que todo acaba
Y al verte solo, cómo hoy me siento
Siempre hace frío

2. Only Love

I see the distant lights ahead
Another hour or so, and I'll be back in bed
I guess I really thought
that I was gone for good
But you know I never could

I count the headlights passing by
With every one I find
another reason why
You'll be sound asleep
And I'll look a fool
How could I be so cruel?

Only love could make me turn around
and make these tears come tumbling down
Only love
Only love could make you stay with me
I doubt myself but you believe
Only love

I wish that I could be that strong
To see me as I am,
and love me right or wrong
I guess I'm still afraid
to only say goodbye
So I keep it all inside
Only love...

So I try to run, but no matter what I do
I know it's true: I can't go on without you
Only love...

Veo las luces lejanas
Una hora más, y estaré de nuevo en la cama
Pensé de verdad que me podía ir,
Pero tú sabes que nunca podría
Cuento las luces delanteras (de los carros) que pasan
Con cada una encuentro
Otra razón porque
Tú estarás dormido
Y yo pareceré una tonta
Como pude ser tan cruel?
Solo el amor
Me podría hacer regresar
Y hacer caer estas lágrimas
Solo el amor
Solo el amor
Podría hacer que te quedes conmigo
Yo dudo de mí, pero tú confías
Solo el amor

Quisiera ser tan fuerte (como tú)
Para poder verme como soy
Y quererme asi tenga la razón o no
Parece que sigo temiendo
Sólo decir adiós
Así que lo guardo todo adentro
Solo el amor

Intento correr, pero
No importa lo que haga
Sé que es cierto:
No pudeo más sin ti
Solo el amor

3. Soy Amiga

I wake up again lost,
Lost in the darkness
I lie here thinking,
Dreaming that you are beside me
I forget my sadness
And for awhile I don’t feel my suffering
Again my thoughts
Fill my being
I look at you and want you
Later I regret it, upon realizing
That you’ll never be mine
And I shouldn’t think that way

Because I’m only a friend
Only a friend
I can only be in your life
Another person to talk to
Without sharing love
Distant from your life,
A slave to your heart

Because I’m only a friend
Only a friend
So much is my anguish
Of seeing you and not having you
Very close to your life
Maybe one day you’ll be able to see me

4. Como Quisiera

It hurts my heart
To see you in the arms of another love
How I wish, dear amor,
That you and I were together
And how I wish, amor
To have you here with me forever
I cry and cry
Knowing that you and i
Will never, ever, ever
Be able to be together again

It hearts my heart
You left me for no reason
I can’t live without your love
And I want you to come back to me
And how I wish, amor
To have you here with me forever

5. A Million To One

A million to one, that’s what our folks
Think about this love of ours
A million to one, they say thar our love
Will fade like yesterday’s clouds
They’re betting everything
That our love, won’t survive
They’re hoping in time
We’ll forget each other’s lives
A million to one, they say that we’re
Too young to know the meaning of love
A million to one, that they’ve forgotten
The dreams that we’re dreaming of
But we’ll forgive them, because we love them
After all that’s said and done
There’s one in a million: a million to one

6. Costumbres

Talk to me about you
Tell me about your life
You know very well
That I’m convinced
I know that you can’t
Even if you try to forget me
You’ll always come back time and again
Time and again you’ll always come back
Although you don’t feel any more love for me
Only bitterness
I don’t feel anything either
And that’s even worse
But I miss you, I also miss you
There’s no doubt that it’s true
That habit is stronger than love

7. Cien Anos

You passed by my side
With great indifference
Your eyes didn’t even
Turn towards me
I saw you without you seeing me
I talked to you without you hearing me
And all my bitternes
Choked inside me
It hurts, to my very core
To think that you forgot me
To know that I don’t even
Deserve your contempt
But anyway, you continue
To be united with me
And if I live 100 years,
100 years I’ll think of you.

8. Tu Robaste Mi Corazon - w/ Pete Astudillo

How did I come to be with you
In your thirsty arms, amor
How nice it is, to find you at last
After so much time alone

How is it that everything looks better when I’m with you?
How is it that nothing is the same?
It can’t be, amor, what I feel for you
Is much more than I ever imagined

In an instant I lost my heart
Without realizing it, I gave you all of it
And in my chest I feel a new life
Where before my heart only slept

You, you stole my heart
With your love, with your heart and your soul
I don’t want to lose you ever, ever
You, you stole my heart
What can I do?
I feel caught by you
And I don’t want to escape from your life

In an instant you’ve changed everything, my friend
What I was waiting for, finally arrived
What I couldn’t find in anyone else
Without expecting it, fell right into my hands

How is it that everything looks better when I’m with you?
How is it that nothing is the same?
It can’t be, amor, what I feel for you
Is much more than I ever imagined

9. Ya No

I already found out everything, and you can go now
This is too much already and I can’t forgive you
Go with her or whoever, I don’t care
But don’t come back here anymore
Not anymore, not anymore
And if you call me, I won’t be available anymore
And if you write me, don’t wait for an answer anymore
And your presents, I’m giving you back all of them
Because I don’t want anything from you
Not anymore, not anymore

There won’t be a heart here anymore
That will give you it’s love
Whenever you want it
You won’t have my passion anymore
Say goodbye to the heat
That one day I might have given you
You can go already,
There’s nothing more to discuss
I don’t love you anymore
Not anymore, not anymore

And my friends told me
That your love would never be true
Well today I believe it, seeing you in her arms
And I don’t want to see you anymore
Not anymore, not anymore

And these lips won’t be yours anymore
My love will only be a blow to your pride
And if you hug me, it will be only in dreams
Because I don’t want you here anymore
Not anymore, not anymore

10. No Quiero Saber

I don’t want to hear about more problems already
I don’t want to hear about a world war
Make tomorrow a day worthy of waiting for
If we all love one another, the world will change
There’s a place full of music and fun
That’s why I only invite those who are young at heart
There’s lots of harmony, always happiness
We only know how to enjoy ourselves, day and night

Don’t be sad anymore, come sing with me
Throw your sorrows to the wind, today we’re going to have fun
Life is so beautiful, live each day
Without measuring it, live it to the fullest


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