Selena The Movie

"Selena" tells the story of Latin Queen Selena Quintanilla-Perez, who was the most popular Latin Singer at the time of her tragic death at the age of only 23 years in 1995. The film tells the story of the singer as she is accidently discovered by her own father at the age of 10. Her life story takes off when Jennifer Lopez accurately portrays Selena through her unforgettable concerts, her family struggles, and her secret marriage to her guitarist Chris Perez.

Directed by
Gregory Nava

Writing credits (WGA)
Gregory Nava (written by)

Jennifer Lopez .... Selena Quintanilla-Pérez
Jackie Guerra .... Suzette Quintanilla
Constance Marie .... Marcela Quintanilla
Alex Meneses .... Sara (as Alexandra Meneses)
Jon Seda .... Chris Perez
Edward James Olmos .... Abraham Quintanilla
Jacob Vargas .... Abie Quintanilla
Pete Astudillo .... Pete Astudillo - Dinos 1990's
Panchito Gómez .... Young Abraham - Dinos 1961
Ricky Vela .... Ricky Vela - Dinos 1990's
Don Shelton .... Stage Dancer
Richard Emanuelle .... Concert Reporter (as Richard Emanuele)
León Singer .... Concert Promoter
Richard Coca .... Bobby - Dinos 1961
George Perez .... Seff - Dinos 1961

Also Known As:
Selena: The Movie (USA) (working title)








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